Classic Engraving Strains Textures for Entry All Areas Members


Access All Areas members can download an awesome collection of vector textures this week, courtesy of Shapeshift. These vintage engraved line textures are based on the detailed lines that make up an engraved illustration. This pack contains 10 vector graphics with different wave and circular line patterns. Use them as a background for your designs or cut into text and shape outlines to add interesting texture effects to your work.

Shapeshift provides high quality design resources for graphic designers and illustrators. You’ll find a range of tools for creating popular art styles and effects to help you work faster, smarter, and more efficiently! Check out the useful Distressed Halftones texture pack, which gives you a range of detailed halftone dot patterns to reproduce one of the popular aesthetics of the vintage design style.

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Vintage engraved line textures for members to access all areas

This package of vintage engraved line textures includes 10 vector graphics with textures in AI, EPS and PNG formats. Different styles are included, each with different used-look details. Choose between wavy and circular line patterns to add interesting vintage texture effects to your artwork.

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