Chips Ahoy! cookies groups up with Hershey’s and Reese’s

Chips ahoy! Cookies work with Hershey & # 39; s and Reese & # 39; s

When Chips ahoy! Cookies, Reeses and Hersheys come together, nothing can stand in their way. Frowns are turned over. Meh moves out of the city. And life just seems a little bit happier. That's why some of America's best-known brands – Chips ahoy! Cookies, Reeses and Hersheys – team up to show consumers how happy their sweet snacks are together. We introduce the new favorite cookie mashups: Chips Ahoy! made with pieces of Hersheys milk chocolate and chips Ahoy! Mini Reese candy is now available nationwide from major retailers.

With the launch of these soon legendary collaborations, Chips Ahoy! introduces another classic: its spoke cookie chip. Chip, an animated, gracious optimist, will return to the brand after six years and appear in television and digital advertising to showcase the collaboration. The brand also advertises the new flavors on television, on their social channels, in mashup-style content with top online developers and in the store.

For peanut butter flavor lovers, Ahoy chips! made with Mini Reese & # 39; s Pieces a crispy Ahoy! Biscuit with the sweet peanut butter candy from Mini Reese & # 39; s Pieces that creates the ultimate peanut butter experience. For chocolate lovers, Ahoy chips! made with Hershey's Milk Chocolate combines the soft, sweet taste of milk chocolate with the classic Ahoy chips! Cookie. Whatever you prefer, chips ahoy! Made from Hersheys milk chocolate or mini Reese pieces, offers the best of both worlds in a delicious treat!

"Without a doubt, America's most popular chocolate chip cookie is happier with Hershey's milk chocolate and mini Reese pieces," said Sabrina Sierant, deputy director of Chips Ahoy! at the Mondelēz. "With Chips Ahoy! We're always looking for new delicious flavors that come to life in a chocolate chip cookie and offer consumers the variety they crave for their sweet snacks."

From March 2020 chips Ahoy! made with Hersheys milk chocolate and chips Ahoy! Made from mini reese pieces are available nationwide from retailers for an MSRP of $ 2.95 / £ 2.31.