Carlos Santana proclaims the launch of hashish model Mirayo

Carlos Santana launches the Mirayo cannabis brand, inspired by Latin American heritage

Mirayo integrates Carlos Santana's philosophy into a product that naturally grows in the sun and promotes the spiritual effects of cannabis

Carlos SantanaThe ten-time GRAMMY award-winning guitarist and longtime cannabis lawyer announced the launch of Mirayo by Santana, a line of premium cannabis products developed in partnership with Left Coast Ventures.

Inspired by his Latin American heritage and commitment to spiritual well-being, this new line offers consumers high quality floral products that harness the power of ancient remedies and guide consumers on their journey to discover their divine light.

Santana is one of the most famous and famous musicians of our time, known for his timeless signature sound. His life as a musical icon and spiritual flame keeper is based on determination, discovery and self-actualization.

Mirayo integrates his philosophies into a product that is naturally suntanned and promotes the spiritual effects of cannabis. The name is a combination of "my" and "ray" in Spanish that pays tribute to Santana's legacy and hopes to enable everyone to "follow your light".

“In my experience, cannabis has special properties that promote meditative reflection and creative expression. Revealing the eternal gift of our uniqueness can dispel negative doubts, ”said Carlos Santana. "With Mirayo, I hope to help people use cannabis as the door to more benevolent behavior like kindness and compassion."

To bring Mirayo to market, Santana partnered with Left Coast Ventures, a company that created cannabis brands with other well-known musicians such as Mind Your Head, famous Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and Marley Natural, a collaboration with the Bob Marley Estate.

“It is an honor to create a brand with a musical legend that encompasses ancient heritage, deep spirituality and self-discovery. Mirayo celebrates the plant and its place in ancient Latin American heritage, ”said Brett Cummings, CEO of Left Coast Ventures. "We are delighted to be working with Carlos Santana to develop a premium product line that improves the flow of energy in the body and mind."

Santana's Mirayo will contain 5 packs of 0.5 gram pre-rolls and 7 gram jars of whole flower in the following varieties or awareness categories:

Radiance: A sativa that is supposed to expand one's own energy outwards, reach for divine wisdom and inspire creative expression. Symmetry: A hybrid that aims to harmonize the inside and the outside, mind and body for increased awareness. Centered: An indica designed to induce inner peace, insightful stillness, and transcendence of the physical state.

Mirayo is available at select pharmacies in the Bay Area and Southern California, and is being placed primarily at several Latinx-owned pharmacies.

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