Burrells bought to new house owners as Ed Ferris strikes into consultancy

Inspirational Independent 2016

Burrells, an independent premium jeweler with two stores in Tunbridge Wells and Winchester, was sold with former owner Ed Ferris to start his own consultancy.

Ferris, who moved into family business WR Ferris Ltd in January 1998 when the company owned the SWAG mini chain of jewelry stores in and around south west London, announced it on his LinkedIn profile yesterday (October 26).

He said, “Today is a strange day, today we’re selling Burrells and I’m leaving an industry that I loved and a business that I am allowed to run.”

Retail Jeweler expects Burrells to have been sold to the owner of a large chain of independent jewelry stores, but the new owners’ plan is to keep the Burrells fascia in Tunbridge Wells and Winchester.

During Ferris ‘tenure, WR Ferris’ business grew significantly, opening a large number of Pandora franchise stores from 2009, which were operated in conjunction with the SWAG jewelry business.

Willie Hamilton and Ruth Faulkner present Ed Ferris from SWAG with the Entrepreneur of the Year award

The company also took over the distribution of the German fashion jewelry brand Diamonfire and operated it in Great Britain from 2012 to 2016, when it was taken over by the now disbanded distribution line of the Company of Master Jewelers. Today Diamonfire is operated in the UK by jewelry supplier Gecko.

In July 2014, WR Ferris Ltd acquired Burrells, an existing premium independent jeweler based in Tunbridge Wells, before opening a second Burrells store in Winchester in 2016.

Eventually, the SWAG brand disappeared from the main drag when WR Ferris took the step to focus on his higher-end Burrells fascia.

In late August this year, the company ended its relationship with Pandora ahead of the proposed sale of Burrells.

Ferris continued, “As my father used to say, ‘Nothing is forever so make sure the next step is always the most exciting.’ In his spirit, I will accept the new, love the journey and enjoy the chance to reinvent myself. In 2022 I look forward to sharing my new company, Ed Ferris Consultancy, with you. “