Budweiser unveils its “Objective of Kings” marketing campaign with soccer

Budweiser unveils its "Goal of Kings" campaign with football

The story of a Budweiser campaign made up of hours of soccer goals

A year ago, Budweiser announced a multi-year partnership with the British Premier League and Spanish La Liga spanning five continents and more than 20 countries worldwide. MullenLowe SSP3 was commissioned by the AB InBev beer brand to communicate the essence of this monstrous deal in Colombia.

While looking for opportunities, the MullenLowe SSP3 team found that Budweiser was part of these leagues all the time. After analyzing data from over 4,000 Premier League goals and La Liga history, the agency found a similarity between the formation of the goals and Budweiser's famous "Bowtie" logo.

The result was "Goals of Kings", a campaign that enabled Budweiser to become part of the history of the most popular and famous sport in Europe without ever being officially there.

Twelve of the target formations were immortalized in a book that is the focus of sponsorship in Colombia. Each sequence was beautifully designed using different art direction and copy techniques.

With the end of the late 2020 season LBBs Addison Capper spoke to Carlos Andrés Rodríguez, Chief Creative Officer at MullenLowe SSP3, to find out what inspired this idea to find the Budweiser logo within the targets.

“If you see what the creative team found that afternoon, it seems like a pretty crazy idea! But as I dug deeper I realized that this idea was something only an art director could find. The guy behind the idea (Byron Poveda, Art Director) has a very specific style based on shapes and lines, ”said Carlos.

“He has a unique way of creating abstract shapes around objects to create logos. That, along with the fact that he doesn't like football, makes more sense: I can imagine that he only sees a fly when he sees the Bud logo, and only lines when he sees a football game. Then he just connected them … and boom, there you have it. "

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