BMT named as a provider on the Administration Consultancy Framework 3

BMT named as a supplier on the Management Consultancy Framework 3

BMT, a leading international multidisciplinary engineering, management and technology consultancy, has been named as a supplier in the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Management Consultancy Framework 3 (MCF3).

MCF3 is a multi-lot master agreement that provides central government and broader public sector customers with access to high quality, low cost advisory advice from a range of suppliers across nine specific lots. The agreement will run for four years and BMT was successful in the following three lots:

Lot 1 – company: providing objective advice on the strategy, structure, management or operation of an organization.
Lot 3 – Complex and Transformation: Providing objective advice on complex programs or work portfolios that can be multidisciplinary and / or transformative.
Lot 9 – environmental sustainability and socio-economic development: providing objective strategic advice in environmental and / or sustainability-related areas.
Winning a place at MCF3 against strong competition will offer significant growth opportunities and help forge strong alliances in the supply chain over the next few years. It will also support the implementation of complex consulting and transformation projects for BMT and support the company’s efforts to ensure sustainable operations.

Richard Page, BMT Defense Head of Consulting and Advisory Services, said, “We are very pleased to have been named as a supplier and I see this as a great asset for BMT. It will prove to be a game changer for pursuing business endeavors. We are aware of the growing urgency and importance of climate change, sustainability and broader socio-economic development and can thus do our part to make a positive contribution to the future. “

The CCS assists the public sector in obtaining maximum commercial value in the procurement of common goods and services. In 2020-21, CCS helped the public sector reap $ 2.04 billion in commercial benefits.

The possibilities of the MCF3 agreement will enable BMT to offer its customers and industrial partners the best possible service and to support customers in achieving their goals.
Source: BMT