Battery Annex broadcasts new hires and spectacular development

Battery Annex announces new hires and impressive growth

The battery attachment has flourished since joining Havas' attachment network

Almost a year since being taken over by a global communications company Havas, Battery attachment, a marketing, advertising and design agency founded to create advertising that is as popular as entertainment, today announced four executives as part of its recent growth. Three creative directors – Michelle Nam and Drea Schneider, both of 72undSunny, and Joe Sgro, earlier from RPA and DDB Chicago – Join the agency to strengthen its creative offer. In addition, Sean McNamarawho led the strategic growth at Sid Lee, comes as Head of Strategy.

Since Battery Annex became part of the Havas Annex network, it has flourished. The agency has done a job and is winning to double its accounts. As a result of the increase in sales, the number of employees and the office space in the Sunset Boulevard headquarters in were expanded Hollywood, California. This success follows extended relationships with customers like that Royal Bank of Canada (including multiple TV and digital campaigns Canada and the United States) who LA Clippers, Epic games and Netflix.

“The last year has been great and we are lucky to have these incredible people come to us. We have continued to do work that disrupts culture and has a significant impact while leveraging Havas' global resources that have given us new opportunities and exciting growth, ”he said Anson Sowby, CEO of Battery Annex. "As part of this growth, we have strengthened our battery family with these first-class creative and strategic teams to continue the positive momentum and expand our presence around the world."

With more than 12 years of experience each, Nam and Schneider have both created culturally effective works for cult brands, including aim, Google, T-Mobile and Netflix. Nam most recently served as a creative advisor at the start WAYB, a family-owned travel equipment company co-founded by a former Patagonia CEO. At 72andSunny, she helped Google Tech innovate a unique, comprehensive AR experience in Target stores and led a mentoring program to expand and diversify the creative class with Da Vinci Schools.

Schneider helped launch the Microsoft Bing search engine JWT NY. She then spent the next four and a half years at 72andSunny L.A. During her time there, she produced several campaigns for Activision's Skylanders game and Target, including vacation, back to school, wedding and baby campaigns.

Sgro started his career at DDB Chicago and found success at work Bud Light and Budweiserand creating two high-level Super Bowl ads. He also wrote for the award-winning Real Men of Genius campaign. Then he followed Santa Monica, Californiawhere he joined Secret weapon and wrote Jumping devil Show. In 2014 he switched to RPA and co-founded the walking snack monster Toomgis for AMPM. Sgro was freelance again in 2016 and helped BBH Produce his Be Pop Cultured campaign for E! news.

McNamara has more than 20 years of experience working with some of the world's most respected brands. Before joining Battery, he led Strategic Growth at Sid Lee, where he expanded the agency's presence on the West Coast and a practice for entertainment customers like Netflix and new media partners such as Tick ​​tack. Previously as Chief Strategy Officer at omeletHe led the agency through sixfold growth in five years and worked with Microsoft, Walmart, Sony, and Whole food market. This was followed by a detour into the startup world as CMO of Venture-Backed Brilliant Bicycle Co. and a leadership role at the Social Impact Agency ensoThey work with corporate brands like Google, social movements like the Equal Rights Amendment, and nonprofits like Public Counsel.

"Michelle Nam, Drea Schneider and Joe Sgro are three of the most important creative forces in the industry and we look forward to adding their views to our dynamite team, ”he said Philip Khosid, CCO of the battery appendix. "Adding Sean McNamara to the mix perfects the ultimate combination of knowledge-based creativity and improves our critical thinking – what is necessary for content to be successful and make a difference."

"The Battery Annex team does some of the most exciting and cool work in the Havas North America network," he said Paul Marobella, Chairman and CEO of Havas Creative North America. “This means great customer wins, recruiting more top talent and a very good future. We couldn't be happier to have Battery Annex in the Havas family. "