Bathtub’s largest PR agency launches an Innovation Problem to assist native companies deal with local weather change and improve optimistic social influence

Clearly PR

The Clearly Innovation Challenge was launched this week by Bath-based public relations consultancy Clearly.

Open to all 16-25 year olds, ideas are welcomed for a solution that enables all businesses to help customers and supply chain partners reduce their carbon footprint and increase social impact without the need for additional investment. This creates a so-called “domino effect”.

The Innovation Challenge is considered the first of its kind for a PR company in the UK. Clearly has committed £ 5,000 to fund its research, development and launch. The winning team will receive £ 5,000 as a reward for their concept.

Paul MacKenzie-Cummins, Clearly Founder and General Manager, said, “The pandemic has unearthed many truths: We all have a responsibility to protect the planet and to help those in society who need it most.

“However, the impetus for progress should not be placed entirely on the shoulders of the government. Organizations have a greater ability to make the changes they need.

“Take our hometown as an example. There are 8,500 businesses in Bath. Imagine the impact that could arise if each of them only included one of their suppliers in the “solution” that this challenge is sought for? This would mean an additional 8,500 companies would do more to limit their environmental and social impact.

“Now imagine if this second group of 8,500 companies did the same thing – it would create a phenomenally powerful and powerful ‘domino effect’.

“There are a lot of companies out there that are already doing a great job reducing their carbon footprint and becoming more socially responsible. But they can go one step further and go beyond their own actions by influencing and enabling change in others.

“By encouraging changes in the attitudes and behaviors of their customer bases and supply chains regarding these two major challenges, companies can become a greater force for good.

“You just need the right platform or the right service to make it easier, and we hope that the ideas of those taking part in the Innovation Challenge provide the solution.”

Ideas and suggestions are only open to young people aged 16 to 25 from Clearly’s hometown of Bath and the surrounding area, whether they are high school or college students, college students or trainees, not in education, work or training, graduates or unemployed.

“Figures show that roughly one in four jobs lost in the pandemic was filled by 16-25 year olds – the age group hardest hit by last year’s events,” said MacKenzie-Cummins.

“For this generation, more is at stake as to how the battle for a positive climate and social change will be won or lost in the years to come. We have given up the challenge of giving them the opportunity to be the driving force for good. “

For more information on the Clearly Innovation Challenge 2021, please visit the dedicated website: