Asserting InGoodTaste: An Impartial Inventive Consultancy Targeted On Gray House Considering™ and Optimistic Cultural Change

Announcing InGoodTaste: An Independent Creative Consultancy Focused On Grey Space Thinking™ and Positive Cultural Change

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(October 7, 2021 – San Francisco, CA) – With extreme independence and a focus on solving problems using gray-space thinking, InGoodTaste was partnered by Mark Riedy, founder of TRUE Communications and digital marketing agency A Known Quantity with a group of managing partners. The collective team brings creativity and innovative problem solving to its customers for over 75 years.

Starting today, TRUE Communications and A Known Quantity will become part of InGoodTaste. All of the communications and digital marketing services that both companies have provided are now offered as part of InGoodTaste’s multidisciplinary strategy and marketing services. The combined agency includes over 20 team members, primarily based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Boulder, Colorado and Park City, Utah.

“Over the past 16 years at TRUE Communications and A Known Quantity, we’ve worked with leading brands to solve an incredible array of problems,” said Mark Riedy, co-founder and COO of InGoodTaste. “But we always wanted to have an offer that was very strategic and led with strong creative thinking. InGoodTaste bridges this gap and enables us to work with our partners to solve all of their key business strategy and marketing challenges. “

“Merging TRUE’s communications expertise and the creative firepower of my partners at InGoodTaste provides an unprecedented opportunity to offer customers new, business-changing solutions that can compete with anything out there,” said Riedy. “My partners at InGoodTaste have spent their careers planning the future and are fundamentally convinced that without radical change, companies will not stay in business, let alone prosper. What really drives InGoodTaste is creating an organization that helps brands stay ahead of the pace of change. “

To predict what lies ahead, the InGoodTaste team lives into the future. To do this, they use gray space thinking as their guiding way of thinking – a way of being and thinking – rather than a particular tool or method. Gray space thinking is the opposite of binary black and white conception; It is about accepting that we live in a complex, uncertain world and that the chance lies between the extremes. The InGoodTaste team believes that innovative solutions to existing problems are best implemented in this gray space.

Problems InGoodTaste likes to solve include business strategy, consumer research, brand positioning, creative potential, and social impact. The communication strategy and implementation that TRUE has provided long-term customers will continue to be a central focus of the business under InGoodTaste.

InGoodTaste’s current customers include Spot Insurance, Maxpro Fitness, Superpedestrian, asensei, Rapha, Goldwin, Canyon, Giro Sport Design, Zwift, Wahoo, ROKA, Küat and more.

About InGoodTaste

InGoodTaste is a creative consultancy focused on driving positive change in the world through Gray Space Thinking ™. We work with our partners to solve their key challenges by inventing innovative solutions in the gray space. We solve problems for our partners, from business strategy, consumer research, brand positioning, creative potential, social impact to strategic communication.

We are always looking for designers of change. If you are a creative, storyteller, project manager, strategist, experimenter or dreamer, send us your folio, resume or website at [email protected]