Asics releases its revolutionary face cowl for runners

Asics releases its revolutionary face covering for runners

The Asics Runners Face Cover was developed by the Asics Institute of Sport Science especially for runners who focus on performance, comfort and protection

Asics has announced a revolutionary face cover for runners – the Asics Runners Face Cover.

The face cover was specially developed for runners by world-famous scientists, engineers and designers at the brand's Institute of Sport Science (ISS) and combines modern design with innovative ventilation slots that give runners the space to breathe comfortably while preventing the spread of droplets. The face is covered with quick-drying material that cools the air that gets inside.

The unique, innovative design and state-of-the-art materials allow runners of all ability levels to train without compromising performance or protection. Tests show that Asics Runners' face covering significantly improves breathability and comfort, since runners feel little or hardly any different than without a mask. It is important that this is maintained even at a higher speed at which conventional masks affect performance.

Kenichi Harano, Executive Officer and Senior General Manager at the ISS, said: “We know how important it is for runners to protect themselves and others while running, but also that many face coverings are uncomfortable and restrictive. That is why we developed the Asics Runners Face Cover, which was specially developed for runners with the latest technology. The innovative design gives runners room to breathe comfortably while working at their peak. "

The face covering cannot be compared to any other sports accessories on the market. Yasuhito Hirota, President & Chief Operating Officer of Asics, says: "When I walked with a normal mask, it was difficult to breathe, but I could walk very comfortably with this mask."

While other approaches rely solely on the breathability of the materials, the Asics Runners Face Cover combines this with an innovative design that gives runners the space to breathe comfortably in the face cover. This groundbreaking approach means that runners of all levels can strive for their best with the certainty that they will be protected.

Scientists at the ISS have responded to the special needs of runners with a range of technologies and design features, including the unique curved structure that creates more space in the face cover to make breathing easier while running. The ventilation slots are innovatively attached to the face cover. Ensure an unobstructed air flow and at the same time prevent droplets from spreading. State-of-the-art material for cooling the air flowing into the mouth improves breathability and comfort. The water-repellent, washable fabric makes cleaning easier.

The face cover is specially designed for a variety of faces with an adjustable cord to ensure the fit. It prevents the formation of fog when wearing glasses and consists of approx. 31% recycled materials.

At this point, Asics continues to listen to the needs of runners with the Asics Runners Face Cover. Ongoing Asics research shows that 7 out of 10 (68% worldwide) people worldwide are more motivated than ever to return to their physical peak.

However, 8 out of 10 (79% worldwide) of the regular athletes we surveyed said that wearing a face cover while running was not a pleasant experience because it was difficult to breathe and irritated the skin.

The Asics Runners face cover is specifically designed to meet the need for a face cover while running that provides comfort, performance and protection. 5 out of 10 runners (53% worldwide) say they would feel more comfortable wearing a face during exercise.

Yasuhito Hirota further explains: “At Asics, our focus is on listening to our runners and understanding their changing needs. We can learn a lot more from the running community as locks are eased worldwide and we will continue to develop our products and services to meet their future needs. "

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