Anarock deploys AI-powered platform for digital advertising and marketing | Pune Information

Anarock deploys AI-powered platform for digital marketing | Pune News

Pune: The real estate consultancy Anarock is introducing ASTRA, an AI and machine learning-based platform designed to help medium-sized and large real estate developers with digital marketing. The introduction is planned for September.
Anarock will initially use the platform for the marketing needs of its customers, with a subscription-based model for its “Pro” customers with additional benefits. The platform was developed over two years with his analytics partners. Anarock started onboarding its customers prior to launch in September.
A spokesperson for Anarock said developers can feed their own data about their projects into ASTRA, which is matched against the “most likely” leads generated online from unit buyers. Leads are based on data collected through various means and observation of buyers’ needs and behavior, such as: B. Buying behavior and electricity, size and location of the apartment needed, etc. The data will help sell units in all segments, according to the spokesman, but on the supply side it will help larger developers the most, especially those with unsold inventories of Rs 100 crore and more to get a reasonable ROI.
“Developers retain full control over their data. The system does not need any customer contact data to analyze leads. Rather, it analyzes data on micromarket catchment dynamics, local price sensitivity, historical sales trends, and the impact of upcoming infrastructure and local policies, ”said Gurpreet Singh, director of G-Square, Anarock’s data analytics partner.
ASTRA developers said the platform can help brokers increase their sales by up to 15%. “We started developing the ASTRA artificial intelligence models in 2019 and configured multiple models for different types of real estate projects across India. Now in its final development phase, ASTRA will offer developers a 20x return on their investment in this AI-driven platform, ”said Anuj Puri, Chairman of Anarock.