An Unlikely Mixture That Truly Works!

Vaporwave from Weidner Art

When it comes to abstract art, anything is possible! However, there is a certain combination of styles that has become surprisingly popular. The elegance of classic Renaissance sculpture and the psychedelic digital explosion of the vaporwave aesthetic are two contrasting styles that you wouldn’t expect together, but as you will find out from today’s inspiration storefront, it actually works! Check out these combinations of famous Michelangelo and Donatello statues with modern digital art trends like neon lights, abstract shapes and vibrant colors.

Vaporart from Weidner Art

Vaporart from Weidner Art

Deception by Weidner Art

Vaporwave from Weidner Art

Vaporart from Weidner Art

Aesthetic treatments by Weidner Art

Vaporwave from Weidner Art

Greek cut sculpture bust of Швачка Константин

Story of Salar Khan

Waves_ by Marcus Fernandes

Curiosities of Brellias Brellenthin

New Trippy Essence from Luccas Design Br

Hipo Macono from Collagen Collagen

Breath from Cheker Amdouni

Aesthetic retro wave statue by Sunil Khatri

Greek retrowave aesthetic by Sunil Khatri

Ravers by Martin Rangelow

Amour from Fambio DMC

Neon Nobles by Richard Clayton

Greenada poster by Alexandre Guimaraes

Statues - A Vision by Jeremy Cormier

Underground by Frano Roman

Graphic design by Tornike Arziani

Depression by Haziq Akmal

Drop Severino Canepa's mask poster

Revenge poster by Severino Canepa

Incrassate by Severino Canepa

Compliance by Dorian Legret

Untitled by Tyler Spangler

Day 2 by Sam Clarke

Davincidante's responsibility

Prometheus by Davincidante

Lights 2 by Vasya Kolotusha

Lights 2 by Vasya Kolotusha

Athlete from VFXFreek

Loaded by VFXFreek

Fear by VFXFreek

Lost In Aesthetic by VFXFreek

Poseidon from VFXFreek

Aesthetic God by VFXFreek

Dash of Dmn

Ruling River by Gabriel Punsalang

Dream Big by Itvrn

Neons from Itvrn

Why so toxic?  From Itvrn

Shift your mindset from itvrn

Head of David from Goodone Digital

Goodone Digital International Women's Day

Goodone Digital aesthetics

Fragment 115 from Rokas Aleliunas

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