All the time companions lady’s training activist Malala Yousafzai

Always partner of the girl education activist Malala Yousafzai

Always work with Malala Yousafzai, the girls education attorney, Olympic and professional athletes, and other groundbreaking role models to support #KeepHerPlaying

always works with renowned girls’ education activist Malala Yousafzai, professional athletes like Olympic gold medalist basketball player Elena Delle Donne, and other groundbreaking role models to help girls stay in the sport because research has shown the benefits of participation go well beyond the game.

With nearly half of girls quitting sport during puberty, Always calls society to #KeepHerPlaying knowing this is an important way for them to gain the confidence and skills to help them become who she wants to be.

A recent survey commissioned by the brand and conducted in partnership with One Poll found that the benefits for girls in sport go well beyond cheering, victories and showing off. Women who did exercise during puberty said it helped them build skills that have served them throughout their lives. The results showed that in addition to physical fitness:

53% consider sports to improve their team skills
66% agree that this has a positive effect on school performance
44% said exercise improved their ability to cope with stress
And – 56% of parents say exercise is good for their daughter’s mental health

Yet despite all the value that participation in sports offers, almost half of girls drop out of sports during puberty, mainly because they feel the need to concentrate on other things (27%) and they no longer enjoy it (23%) ). they don’t feel well enough (19%). The survey also found that more than 1 in 4 people agree that there is no point in continuing to play if you don’t win a game.

Always highlights in a new video the unexpected ways exercise can change your future. The content features Malala Yousafzai, Paralympian and mentor Scout Bassett and human rights activist, poet and storyteller Sara Mora, all of whom recognize adolescent sport as a key factor in their success. The video is meant to inspire people everywhere to help #KeepHerPlaying so she can be who she wants to be. You can check it out here.

“People in my life know me as an undocumented immigrant attorney and while that’s really my passion, they may not know that exercise helped me get where I am today,” says Sara Mora. “Volleyball taught me teamwork and perseverance, which were crucial in my struggle for immigrant rights. I am proud to work with Always to ensure that girls everywhere have the opportunity to play because in sport, our strength becomes the torch we use to ignite our day after day. “

In addition to the three roles shown in the new video, the following role models join Always in empowering society to keep girls engaged, as they too have seen the far-reaching benefits of sport firsthand:

Jessica McDonald – US women’s national soccer team world champion, mother and equal pay advocate
Elena Delle Donne – WNBA two-time MVP, Olympic gold medal basketball player, advocate for people with disabilities, and small business owner
Mariah Duran – Top US Street Skateboarder, Olympic Athlete, and Athlete for Good Grant Recipient
Kavya Kopparapu – Founder and CEO of the Girls Computing League, advocate, changemaker and innovator

“Sports as a young girl taught me determination, hard work and resilience. Not only has I achieved my dream of playing on the US women’s national soccer team, but it has given me the confidence to support and support others. I owe it to sport that it fueled my success off the field – first as a mom and now as an equal pay activist, ”says Jessica McDonald.

McDonald’s fight for equal opportunities for girls in sport, present and future, is featured in the HBOMax documentary LFG.