AKQA promotes Johnny Budden to Government Inventive Director

Johnny Budden AKQA

Johnny Budden was promoted to Executive Creative Director of the London and Swedish studios at AKQA

After almost a decade at Digital Agency, AKQAJohnny Budden's roles ranged from artistic director to creative group leader. He then played an important role in developing the creative strategies of the world's best brands.

Work in his new position next door map and UniversalBudden's work will combine physical and digital worlds to improve life in service, product, architecture and commerce.

Previously, Johnny was responsible for the launch of AKQA's Paris studio red bull, Nike, Hermes, Dior and Chanel. Previously, he led all creative activities in AKQA's New York studio for major brands like Nike, NBA, Beats from Dr. Dre, Maybelline, Vice versa and Charity water.

NIKE has been one of its main customers for over ten years. He worked with the company in all categories. This included launching Nike Connect, Nike NBA Connected Jersey and Nike Sportswear, as well as working on the vision of Nike Direct and Digital Innovation.

In 2018 he opened with Beats by Dr. Dre was the founding client of the company's studio in Los Angeles and entered into important partnerships with the NBA and the NFL.

Budden said of his new role: “I am thrilled to continue with this incredible team to deliver first class work with real, meaningful results.

"We have a civil responsibility to correct some of the world's mistakes. Together with AKQA partners like Map and Universal, we can strengthen our customers' purpose and positively impact the environment and society in ways that the world has never seen before Has. "

Nike is a winner at the World Branding Awards. To learn more about the World Branding Awards, click here.