Airbnb and Bumble creates enjoyable on-line experiences for digital first dates

Airbnb and Bumble create entertaining online experiences for virtual first appointments

If you are currently single and want to have a virtual conversation, you are not alone. In fact, you can be among the more than 100,000 bumblebee Users worldwide who have updated their dating profiles to mention that they are quarantined. To connect star-crossed matches from afar, Airbnb The company publishes a collection of Bumble-approved online experiences that can spice up and interact with virtual data in a fun and meaningful way.

To celebrate this collection on Airbnb, Bumble, an online dating app, sponsors a competition in which one hundred Bumble users are selected to take part in unique virtual first dates through online experiences. Make yourself comfortable with a wine course with an expert in Portugal or a guide to Mexican street tacos. Or sneak into a hidden place at night, like the secret Amsterdam Jazz Club, a live show with sangria and drag queens in Lisbon or Japan's oldest brewery to keep secrets.

Other online experiences that are perfect for virtual dating include a Turkish Fortune Coffee Reading (New York, New York), a Laughing Case (Lisbon, Portugal), a Tarot Reading with Mak Jagger (Austin, Texas) and the encounter with the wool sheep of my New Zealand farm (Rotorua, New Zealand), GINspiration History & Cocktails at home (Bath, Great Britain), discover the rhythms of Puerto Rico (Hatillo, Puerto Rico), pasta with Luca & Lorenzo (Florence, Italy) , All about coffee with a professional taster (Bogotá, Colombia), drinking and drawing (Lisbon, Portugal) and farm to table from the Mediterranean (Klis, Croatia)

While securing other guests from all over the world in an online experience with you and your game can help relieve nervousness on the first date, those who want to sneak together for a good time can opt for and make private bookings Request booking dates. Booking seats through this feature has grown in popularity as it tripled since the pre-pandemic booking.

Bumble recently announced the launch of its new virtual dating tools, including a "virtual dating" badge that appears in user profiles that are currently open via video chat. This badge allows Bumble users to find and filter their potential matches based on who is virtually up to date. During this time when it is best to collect data virtually, Bumble has also expanded its range filters so that users can match everyone in their country.

Online experiences were launched in April 2020 and offer unprecedented access to inspiring hosts around the world, including Buddhist monks, sommeliers, magicians and more. Whether you visit the Chernobyl dogs, bring the flavors of India to life at home, or prepare cheese with a goat mother and her child in Malibu – guests have the opportunity to meet new people and travel virtually from their own living room.

From May 14th to 28th, 2020, new and existing Bumble Date users in the US can win a free virtual first date with Airbnb Online Experiences via the Bumble app.

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