Advertising and marketing Instruments You Want for a Technique Overhaul

Marketing Tools You Need for a Strategy Overhaul

Companies have always relied on clearly defined marketing strategies to get their brands known and reach their target audience. You invest in promotional materials to generate scalable and actionable metrics that can lead to conversions. Ultimately, a good marketing strategy can increase your return on investment (ROI) and drive business growth.

However, the digital age has come; technological advances that pave the way for the evolution and change in customer needs. Today there is a visible difference between the habits and behavior of online and offline customers. This means that companies need a marketing strategy overhaul to cope with changes in the marketplace.

Fortunately, technology and technology providers have also reached numerous key marketing tools to accommodate these changes.

Check out these seven critical marketing tools for a strategy overhaul to keep your business relevant and competitive.

  1. Marketing planning tools

    An essential part of marketing is planning. It is the basic strategy for other marketing strategies. It means you have to get it right in order for everything else to fit together. Without today’s technology, marketing planning can be a sticking point. Which planning tools help you to organize your tasks digitally?

    It helps you break down tasks into small, manageable individual steps that you can assign to the various segments of the marketing department. It makes it easy to track progress and meet deadlines. A necessary tool that is essential for overhauling your marketing strategy is Trello. Others are Asana and Jira.

  1. Social media marketing tools

    Social media has become one of the best and most important marketing channels in business today. It’s an excellent place to develop leads, develop business relationships, and gather valuable customer data. But manually managing the many parts to be effective in social media marketing is tedious and time consuming.

    To run successful social media campaigns, you can consider automation. Get a dedicated tool that enables hands-free and scheduled posting of social media content. It also helps you gather vital customer data to help you achieve your ultimate marketing and business goals.

    Social media marketing requires consistent publications about your brand, products, and services. However, it is full of companies that want to be heard by the same audience as you, too. An excellent marketing tool should help you stand out with creative, visual, and informative posts.

    It should be easy to navigate and provide actionable insights to help you move your marketing efforts forward. Examples of the best social media marketing tools are Loomly, Sprout Social, and Audiense.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

    Research has shown that more than half of all web traffic comes from search queries. In order for you to benefit from the search queries, your website must rank high in the search engines. It’s a pretty competitive area in any company that is targeting the same audience in order to increase their market share. So if there is something your company can do to increase its search engine visibility, that would be a plus.

    One of the best ways to ensure this is to constantly and consistently curate content that meets user needs. It involves using the correct meta-title and description, keywords, and phrases in the set web seekers are likely to use. Since SEO can be daunting, there are tools out there to help your business optimize the website and content for search engines. Popular SEO tools include AHrefs, SEMrush, and Clearscope.

  1. Email Marketing Tools

    As marketing channels and trends evolve over time, some seem to come and go while others linger longer. One of those that have proven itself over time is the email marketing channel. Email marketing is still a top content marketing channel for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) companies.

    However, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t had its fair share of challenges. This includes the time and effort involved in creating emails from scratch or for everyone on your email list. If you stick to your old strategy, your competitors will leave you with time-consuming tasks that don’t produce many results. It lowers the productivity and ROI of email campaigns.

    That has made it an integral part of digital marketing tools and software. A proper email marketing tool will help you become more efficient and productive without investing too much manual labor. It improves list building and helps create great campaign offers that convert into sales. Some email marketing tools include Lemlist, Moosend, MailMunch, and SendGrid.

  1. Conversion optimization tools

    Even small changes can make a huge difference in converting visitors to your website into customers. These are simple things like changing the position or color of your call-to-action button, or responding to customer inquiries immediately. You can tell the difference whether a visitor logs in or jumps to another website.

    When planning a marketing strategy overhaul, conversion optimization tools are a must. They help you acquire promising leads that lead to sales and increased sales.

  1. Graphic design tools

    Whatever name you want to give them; Charts, graphs, memes, infographics, and many others; The point is, visual design has become the cornerstone of marketing and branding campaigns. Even if you don’t have a budget for it, there are tools like Canva that can help you create creative and memorable visuals for your ads.

    As you strategy overhaul, consider other graphic design tools to ensure your marketing strategy is robust, including Creatopy (formerly Bannersnack), Venngage, and Visme.

  1. Landing page and lead capture tools

    People’s attention spans are short and you need to find a way to get your visitors down the sales funnel. Lead capture tools ensure your website traffic is not wasted and guide visitors to take action. A good strategy, if done right, can lead to better leads and conversions. You can use hybrid tools that include other marketing features like MailMunch. Others are TypeForm and OptiMonk.

Final thoughts

The above are essential marketing tools when reviewing your strategy. Make sure your marketing plan is solid to make sure others understand it. However, for each of them, do not forget to track the progress and adjust if necessary.


Dale Hardy is a freelance digital marketing writer with over seven years experience creating content to help businesses use technology to stay competitive. He is a creative thinker and enjoys playing board games and puzzles in his spare time.

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