Advertising and marketing and analysis consultancy Incite regroups its choices

incite - strategy research and planning

Research consultancy Incite has updated its service portfolio and grouped its offerings into three main services: strategy, research and planning.

Founded in 2000, Incite is a strategic consulting firm providing people-centric solutions to clients such as Shell, O2 and Gousto. The consultancy has expertise in consumer, technology, finance, healthcare, retail, food and beverage, and leisure sectors. From global offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Chicago, the company’s experts use qualitative and quantitative methods to provide insights into people, brands and companies.

As the consulting firm is now trying to unite its business into a cohesive single brand, it has announced a restructuring to divide its offerings into three key practices: strategy, research, and planning. The project was led by Incite Global Managing Director Peter Kneale, who took on the broader group role in February 2021 and was tasked with developing a future-proof plan for the consulting firm.

Commenting on the changes, Kneale said, “Establishing three core practices under the Incite banner makes good business sense. We have created competence centers that flow into our proven specialist knowledge. Each practice brings a focus and awareness of the various pain points of its specific clients, but each can also draw on the expertise of the other practices if our briefs so require.

Kneale is working with US General Manager Kevin Waters to bring the three practices to market for customers in North America. Along with the company’s key ethos, “Think People First,” each practice focuses on the company’s mission to make an impact on its customers.

Three practices

Incite Strategy works with business leaders and investors to provide a holistic view of a client’s business and market, assess the company’s economic health, and explore future opportunities. The practice is led by Director Helene Mills to focus on her core competency of helping business leaders and investors put in place sound controls for investments and future direction. Customers like Burger King and PureGym have already helped improve their offerings and build on long-term growth.

Incite Research is now headed by Director Stefan Schafer. The wing supports marketing, innovation, portfolio and strategy leaders with sound strategy and pragmatic execution plans and has supported a number of brands including McDonalds, Novartis and Kraft-Heinz. He used the agile collaboration with qualitative and quantitative research to uncover the innovation potential for one of the largest food brands in the world.

Incite Planning falls under the responsibility of Incite Deputy Managing Director Pranay Jeyachandran. Its task is to support marketing, innovation, portfolio and strategy leaders with well-founded strategy and pragmatic implementation plans. One of the cases Incite finds the planning wing has been completed came from Hall & Woodhouse. The consultants helped bring the 240-year-old Badger brewery brand back to its former glory – and delivered robust business and branding strategies for three years in just six years.

Incite is part of the Kin + Carta collective. The global consulting and digital transformation business itself underwent a major organizational reorganization in 2020 when Kin + Carta announced it had renamed its assets into three different entities. Create Kin + Carta, connect Kin + Carta and advise Kin + Carta.