Adib Chaarani, social media professional & digital advertising creator

Adib Chaarani, social media expert and creator of digital marketing

Adib Chaarani, Lebanese social media expert

Adib Chaarani lives in Lebanon and has more than 10 years experience in providing social media.

Adib Chaarani, social media planner and managing director, has established his career as an expert and professional in social media and digital marketing since 2012.

Adib is an expert in all areas related to social media or digital channels and has in-depth knowledge and skills in this particular area.

Who is Adib Chaarani in a domain that knows no boundaries?

Social media expert who specializes in social media marketing. Who knows the advantages and disadvantages. Anyone who knows the basics of marketing via social media channels well understands various social media tools and analyzes. He knows exactly how to achieve marketing goals through social media channels and how to write great news that can convince customers on social media.

Adib said:

Social media is a very important part of digital marketing as it is the best medium in the digital arena for creating brand awareness. Facebook itself is about to cross 2 billion users on its platform (almost 1/3 of the world). Then there are other major platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. And all of these platforms are growing. This means that social media is becoming increasingly important for brands to reach their target customers. And as the need to use this medium increases, so does the number of social media marketing experts required for the job.

The Lebanese social media expert went on to say:

How do I become a social media expert?

In short, there is one fundamental thing that will help in how to become a social media expert. And that is practical experience. Of course, theoretical knowledge is also essential, but it is practical to learn the talent as well as the techniques for mastering social media marketing. That being said, digital marketing certifications can also be very helpful in the early stages of the job. However, once you’re on the job, all that matters is your hands-on experience and performance.

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