Actual property consultancy companies improve competitiveness of Saudi actual property market

Real estate consultancy services enhance competitiveness of Saudi real estate market

Esrar Real Estate recently highlighted the growing role of advisory services in the growth of the real estate sector by promoting excellence, quality and professionalism in the industry. Esrar’s strong focus on real estate advisory comes against the backdrop of rising mega real estate projects in Saudi Arabia, fueled by Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to turn the kingdom into a pioneering global investment hub to build a more diversified, resilient and sustainable economy.

The major real estate developers in Saudi Arabia have partnered with real estate consultants to find professional and integrated solutions. Advisors also encourage investor engagement and proper planning in choosing the most appropriate investments. Advice gives investors access to key data, including technical specifications, pricing, and marketing, that enable them to make a more informed decision.

Real estate advice in Saudi Arabia is growing in importance, promoting the sale of real estate projects that are vital to the Kingdom’s extensive growth and development. On-site consultants are critical to reducing risk and the possibility of errors that can lead to enormous loss of resources.

Real estate development in the kingdom accelerates as the government plans to turn Riyadh into one of the ten largest business cities in the world through a capital development strategy. This will be achieved by doubling the size of the capital to 15 million people. The expansion of the sector is also being driven by the government program, which aims to increase the home ownership rate in Saudi Arabia to 70 percent by 2030.

Photo: Mohamad Rabih Itani, CEO of Esrar

Mohamad Rabih Itani, CEO of Esrar, emphasized that the real estate sector has emerged as a powerful engine for the economic diversification policies of countries in transition. He noted that in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative, Saudi Arabia has embarked on pioneering and transformative projects to modernize infrastructure. In this context, Itani stressed the need to strengthen the real estate sector to ensure it can keep up with market changes. Real estate advisory services can potentially reduce risks and losses if success is achieved with the desired investment returns.

He said: “Real estate consultancy has proven its role as the driving force behind the booming real estate and construction sectors in the UK. The service matters as the value of Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund (PIF) assets is projected to reach SAR 4 trillion by 2025. Undoubtedly, the major real estate projects in Saudi Arabia are driving the demand for real estate advisory services, which in turn promote professionalism and competitiveness in the local real estate market. A living property contributes to the economy and society. “

Itani emphasized that working with the right real estate developer is one of the most important preparatory steps before implementing real estate projects. It requires a thorough and comprehensive study that includes the services of real estate consultants. These consultants provide added value to the local industry supporting other economic sectors such as tourism, hospitality, commerce, retail, industrial, entertainment and logistics through modernization and infrastructure development such as complexes, buildings, facilities, centers, warehouses and much more.

He said, “At Esrar we offer integrated real estate advice delivered by leading experts and specialists from a variety of areas including finance, investment, construction and contract sectors. We hope that by offering our services we can help make the Saudi real estate market globally more competitive. A vibrant real estate market is accelerating the kingdom’s transformation into a thriving, more sustainable and resilient economy. “

Esrar has global experience in this sector, gained over the years in key growth markets around the world. The company has a proven track record of providing marketing and advisory services tailored to the Saudi real estate market needs. The company has contributed to the success of a number of large real estate projects for elite clients who want a high quality real estate product at competitive prices and high investment returns.

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