9 Examples of Broadcast Emails

Example of an email transmission from Canva

Broadcast emails are an integral part of any marketing strategy.

These are the emails that are most commonly sent to your main list and either promote something or maintain your relationship with a subscriber.

For example, a broadcast email is an email that an airline sends to its subscribers to talk about flight deals they are currently running (a promotional email). Or it is a weekly email newsletter that a company sends to its subscribers, as we do at DM Insider (a relational email).

If your email can tick one of the following, it is a broadcast email:

  • It was sent manually
  • It was sent to your "main list" of email subscribers
  • It was NOT sent to subscribers in an automated follow-up campaign
  • It is time critical

And companies send a lot of them. These emails are incredibly important to our marketing strategies as they keep our subscribers up to date with developments in our business and especially our products.

If you're having trouble composing broadcast emails or needing more clarity about what they are, here are 9 examples to show you what broadcast email is about.

Example 1: Canva

Canva sent this broadcast email to the main list to let them know that they have just added 60 million photos to their Canva Pro subscription.

Example 2: Fossil

Fossil sent this email to its subscribers to inform them of their 60% discount.

Example of a fossil broadcast email

Example 3: Turo

Turo sent this broadcast email to let its subscribers know that they created zoom backgrounds for them.

Example of a Turo email transmission

Example 4: DigitalMarketer sent this email to our main list to talk about an action we've taken that reduced all of our courses, workshops, and playbooks by eighty percent.

Example of a DM broadcast email

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Example 5: The city of Glendale, California emailed its subscribers to provide them with links to the resources needed for small businesses in the region.

Example of an email transmission from Glendale

Example 6: Gap has a campaign for "Mystery Deals", about which they inform their list in this broadcast email.

Example of a gap broadcast email

Example 7: The LA Public Library sent this email to its subscribers to highlight the reading activities they started this spring, including stories from virtual librarians.

Example of a broadcast email from the LA Public Library

Example 8: Shutterstock has compiled a list of the best design tools for businesses and emailed their list to promote them.

Shutterstock broadcast email example

Example 9: After running an online event, Medium used Eventbrite to send all participants a broadcast email with a record of the event.

eventbrite broadcast email

In marketing, broadcast email plays an important role in reaching your goals. Use broadcast email to promote new offers and maintain relationships with your subscribers by providing them with valuable information that they are interested in.

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