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Marketers around the world are currently doing their best to keep their audience engaged and active. Although no one really knows what the world will look like in a month or even two weeks, it is important that we keep turning our marketing wheels.

It's time for all of us to do what marketers do best – get creative. And more importantly, it allows us to use our skills to help others. Customers need our knowledge and resources so that their companies can not only survive in this difficult time, but also thrive. So ask yourself: "How can I help? How can my brand have a positive impact? “Read on to find out how several marketers are adapting their strategies to our new reality.

Offer resources and FREE content

In times of crisis, it should always be our top priority as a marketer (and as people) to give a helping hand. Our customers need resources more than ever. They don't have to be sold for a product. They need to feel reassured in their relationships. Ask yourself: "What can I do to support my customers?"

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Increase customer communication and public relations

In this sense, it is also important that you cultivate your relationships and create a sense of community. During this global pandemic, marketers realize that there is not too much communication … if it is done with the right intent.

A feeling of regularity and leadership can be extremely soothing. One of our partners suggests meeting your customers two or three times a week to make sure they still feel their needs are a priority for you. Another way to stay connected is through a Facebook community group where members can chat not only with you, but also with similar customers who may be sharing their experiences.

Promote transparency

We cannot emphasize this enough – be transparent to your customers. Nobody knows exactly what needs to be done or how long things will stay as they are. While it is important to give your customers security, it is also important that you do not BS them. Position yourself as a leader, but know that great leadership comes from someone who can admit that he doesn't know all the answers and agrees with them. Your customers will respect you for your authenticity and reflect your brand as a whole well. Building trust in all this craziness can only be a good thing.

Offer virtual experiences

Another way that many marketing experts adapt is to explore the virtual experience space. Companies that traditionally work face to face are heavily affected by social distance and protection rules. However, instead of completely shutting down, marketers are helping these companies by offering their expertise in virtual engagement. In fact, this can be used as a lead generation strategy.

In essence, you tell a customer, "We don't know how long you won't be able to connect with people personally." That's how we do things virtually. This is how we pan virtually. Here are the tools to do this virtually. "

Remember that many of your customers are not as digital as you might think. Patience and thorough training can go a long way. Trust us, when it is all over, they will remember who helped them.

Discover new partnerships

There has never been a better time to build new partner relationships. Several companies have used this opportunity to band together, be it for a fundraising / awareness campaign around COVID-19 or even for a special package of their products that are offered together at an affordable price.

For example, Brands X Better is a completely new coalition of brands that have come together to provide financial aid during the crisis. All members have committed to donating 10% of their proceeds to charity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Penguin Random House Publishing has also created a digital cookbook with several famous chefs. The proceeds of this initiative will go to the COVID-19 emergency aid fund for restaurant workers. These are just a few examples of beneficial partnerships that are likely to continue after the crisis ends.

Swing if necessary

For some companies, of course, the best option is to pan their product completely. As mentioned earlier, personal services need to explore other ways to access their customers. Several restaurants were forced to switch to takeaway restaurants instead of dining. The brick-and-mortar stores begin to collect products online and on the roadside. Event companies are even discovering new ways to offer their customers experiences at home, including virtual music festivals and interactive happy hours. These are just a few cases where panning can be the key to survival.

Campaign for the future

One of the most important things to remember is that it will get better at some point. On the other side of this pandemic, there will be a future, and when that future comes, you want your customers to remember how you helped them through the ups and downs.

At DigitalMarketer, we believe that it is always best to deliver value first when we know it will come into play. This is a time to focus on brand building and relationships. How will customers see your company after the world has changed to a new “normal state”? How did you adapt and improve in this growth phase?

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