7 Greatest Twitter Accounts For Entrepreneurs to Comply with

7 Best Twitter Accounts For Marketers to Follow

It's easy to waste a lot of time on Twitter.

The constantly updated feed, the easily digestible length of the posts and the humor of all memes make it a place where a few minutes can quickly become a few hours. Having fun doesn't always mean being productive – unfortunately for all of us.

The secret to wasting Twitter less time is to make sure there is content between the memes and the stupid videos that can help you become a better marketer. Fortunately, there is a lot of that on the platform.

Here are 7 Twitter accounts every marketer should follow.

Knowing the trends in the industry is an essential factor for the success of a marketer. This is exactly what this page offers. Since it is operated by Google, you will receive the latest news and analyzes on Google Analytics and YouTube trends. They also discuss the marketing industry and where their experts go, which means a lot comes from the company that offers some of the best analytics software that marketers use. This site offers a little bit of everything for marketers and is definitely a must.

As Head of Content at MarketingProfs and bestselling author of the Wall Street Journal, Ann Handley is constantly asked to share her expertise in the marketing world. And she does it on her Twitter. Not only does it publish its own podcasts and articles, it often links to other great content that other marketers publish. Their content often includes other industry experts who offer you many different perspectives on topics. Handley's side is the epitome of tactics and is definitely worth your time.

Baer mainly uses his Twitter page as a link to all of his live recordings, audio clips and podcasts. It covers everything from B2B marketing tactics to LinkedIn advertising, and it's a great following for people interested in becoming better marketers. He also interviews industry leaders and other marketers for successful brands. If you use his site more like a list of resources rather than a traditional social media site, you're maximizing what you can do with it.

Amy Porterfield is a marketing trainer who publishes many helpful webinars, podcasts, and online courses, many of which are free. She runs Milti sub-seminars where participants can register and also shares articles from her website. She doesn't post as often as some of these other sites, but if she does, it's worth paying attention to.

The Content Marketing Institute publishes articles, infographics, statistics and links to webinars. With almost 300,000 followers, they're definitely one of the most popular content marketing accounts on Twitter right now, probably because their followers are actually getting something out of their content. And they publish a lot of it, so you can always learn and learn new content marketing tactics.

Search Engine Land mainly uses Twitter to link to articles on its website that are all tactical and useful for any search engine marketer. They also run surveys that show you how people feel in public and in the marketing world about a particular topic. They publish a lot about Google's search algorithms and other SEO news and tips. So if you have to stop searching the next time you scroll through Twitter, read its article.

AJ Ghergich is an SEO and content marketing expert with many stories and guides that his followers can consume. He only shares content marketing and SEO content, so his posts are extremely focused and hyper-tactical. He publishes things that he creates himself, but also shares the best news, tips and instructions for content marketing on Twitter. If you are a content marketer, you need to look around at AJ Ghergich.

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