7 Free Darkish Wooden Texture Photoshop Mockup Templates

Apply detailed wood grain effects to your lettering, logos and graphics using my free Dark Wood Texture Mockups. These Photoshop files contain Smart Object layers into which you can paste your graphics. These are then automatically processed to apply the wood grain. Every fiber and knot is erased from your artwork to create a weathered effect that is ideal for rustic designs or outdoor designs. The original simple wood grain textures are also supplied in the basic JPEG format and can be quickly and easily used as a background or overlay in your projects.

7 Free Photoshop Mockup Templates for Dark Wood Textures

To customize the model template with your own graphics, double-click the Smart Object layer and replace the placeholder layer with your own logo or text (make sure you only use monochrome graphics). Save the file to see your artwork with the wood grain applied. For further realism, double-click the Displacement filter and navigate to the appropriate displacement map for that particular file to subtly skew your artwork around the texture of the grain. Change the color of the text and the wood background by changing the hue of the adjustment layers.

Download my free Dark Wood Texture Mockups

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