6 Straightforward Content material Advertising Suggestions That Will Save You Time This Week


I buy the chopped coriander in the
Food market.

Before you tell me how to do it
costs $ 2.99 to buy coriander chopped; an extravagant waste of money since you
can buy a lot of coriander for 34 cents. And before you add that
Washing and chopping the 34-cent cilantro bundle takes less than 5 minutes
I tell you something: I don't care.

I don't care that it only takes 5
Minutes to wash and chop coriander. Because I don't have 5 minutes (or more)
realistically, I would rather spend these 5 minutes somewhere else). I'm paying the $ 2.99
and take my 5 minutes, thank you very much. I'm paying $ 4.99 for it
Organic chopped coriander that is delivered to my home by hand in a horse
Dare if it means I can spend this time doing something much more valuable

Anyone else?

* Cue a million marketers increase theirs

So we had to figure out if $ 2.99 could do that
Buy 5 minutes for dinner. What would it take to buy 5 minutes at work? Because,
At least in my eyes, if you need to fix the retargeting ads and write 2 blogs
Posts and create a lead magnet every before 5 p.m., 5 minutes is worth a whole
much more than $ 2.99.

Or better yet, what if we could hack?
One hour – that's $ 59.80 in coriander time – for our content marketing work

Well we can.

Here are 6 simple ideas that can start
You save time now.

Focus on 1 (or a maximum of 2) social channels

Social issues are a powerful support tool
Content, but if you feel like spending more time figuring out how
To promote your content as you create it, we recommend that you channel your content
social effort.

Take a quick social inventory
Kanal always seems to do the best for you. For example, if your goal
Market is B2B small business, then LinkedIn and Facebook will probably be yours
best bets. If you market something that is absolutely beautiful and
appeals to a thousand-year-old audience, then Instagram is probably your point of contact.

Once you've found your best
Channel or channels, focus 80% of your attention on creating posts that are being worked on
this channel. You can write a short post on other channels, but on your goals
creative efforts and creative time on the channels that work for you and yours

Write emails and social copies at the same time you create content

Do you sometimes handle your marketing?
Team as an assembly line? We admit that there are some advantages to having one
One person writes the blog articles, one person writes the email copy, and one person
Screw the screws onto the tires so that the car is ready to roll.

But the truth is that with content
Marketing, working in isolation can sometimes be harmful to both
Quality and efficiency of your marketing efforts.

If you find that you and your team spend far too much time writing copywriting, you will see what happens when your content creators create advertising material while writing your articles or creating your videos.

Use the Facebook save function

If you ever find yourself hectic
Googling trying to find content marketing inspiration, then this trick is for

Use Facebook all week
Save to save everything you see and what interests you. Then, when
It's time to put together content for your own marketing efforts
Have a range of content ready to inspire you.

Split your content

Likewise, if you have a blog article
or video that did really good for you, try splitting it. Choose a
Section of previously published content and expand it in a second

This not only saves you time (half)
research and writing is done!) but will also create great content
Cluster that improves search engine optimization on your website.

Create an end time for your content creation party

It happened to you, didn't it? You
clearly said that the party ended at 2, but that one guy stays and
stays and talks, even though it's an hour after the party ends and
All you want to do is make a cup of tea and put your feet up.

It's frustrating at a party, too
more frustrating when you create content and keep coming back
this one line over and over again and edit and edit again and then change
it the way it was.

Step away from the blog article. Do
even a cup of tea.

We'll tell you a little secret: That
Mail is not permanent

If you post something you do later
Decide that you want to change … you can do that. So leave the party at 2 a.m.
and let the content be. It was a great party, but it can be over … and we
promise a line will be fine.

Try out creative sprints

It's amazing how much you can do
in half an hour if you don't even get a little distracted

Don't you believe us Try it.

Set a timer for 20 minutes and just create it. Don't get up to get up
a cup of coffee. Do not answer your text messages. Don't stretch your arms
a little bit. Do nothing but write / design / edit / create.

When you're done, set the project
set aside for a bit and then come back to it with a clear mind. We bet you
Not only do you save time, but your product also gets better.

The key to all of these tips is
Limits: time limits, word count limits, limits on how much coriander you use
Get put on any taco.

Because as the old saying goes, even if
You only have a little bit of coriander, your taco still tastes good
Great. Okay, there is no such saying, but there should be. Because you need
some extra hours in your day. Oh, and a couple of tacos. Everyone needs more