5 Sorts of E mail Topic Strains That (Nearly) ALWAYS Get Opened

Sell ​​with what

In email marketing, your primary goal is to send an email that inspires people to act. The first action, of course, is to open the email and read what is in it. This is far more likely if you used an engaging subject line. While creating the perfect email subject line is not an easy task, here at DigitalMarketer we've done a pretty good science. Read on to find out what is required to create the perfect opener.

In our YouTube series Marketing championship with DigitalMarketerI'm talking about the 5 types of email subject lines that almost always open.

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Number 1: the dead-on offer

This is a fairly simple one, I have the goods and I know you want them. However, you REALLY need to make sure that people "want what you have".

If you use subject lines for emails that are no longer available, you want to call up a segment of your list that finds the offer attractive. From there, you don't get creative or smart – you just have to sell the Open with the WAS.

It doesn't matter whether you're selling a free download or a $ 3,000 product. Direct subject lines are a great way to break up campaigns and increase click-through rates.

Here are some of our most powerful subject lines:

"11 copywriting books you should (probably) read" – 19.64% open rate

"Email marketing announcement: registration is open again" – 21.56% open rate

This sets a clear expectation and activates the click more than our next subject line type.

Number 2: curiosity / blind

Confusion encourages action

Do you want to open Boost? Well, that's EASY – make them curious or … wait … confused.

Sure, a confused customer generally doesn't convert, but confusion provokes the EXACT action you want in this case: opening.

If someone opens because they're curious or confused, you'll most likely see a drop in email clickthrough rates.

Assume that I have the blind email subject line "Cut Off" (one of our most powerful promotional email subject lines in the past year). This pattern break might have been enough to make me open it, but the second I see it is a promo I said no, which means that I just trashed this email will throw.

However, you do not have to rely on blind emails (emails with a high opening rate but a lower click-through rate)! You can spark interest and get readers to, "Ooooo, what's this?" with the right kind of curiosity subject lines.

If you are in marketing and have received an email entitled "Netflix & # 39; Huge Homepage Fail", open this email. Regardless of your marketing specialty or area of ​​interest, everyone knows Netflix and wants to know how it failed.

This SL borrows authority, tells a story AND makes the recipient curious.

Number 3: Self-interest "What's in MEEEEE?"

Your email must deliver value

We've heard what's inside for me in several ways, and this is an objection ALL marketers ALWAYS have to overcome.

In terms of email, answering this question is a little easier because you know a lot about your subscribers and are not an interruption, but a message that took time to evaluate.

It all depends on why I should read this now.

If you're interested in text writing, you can open an email titled "Up to 85% off our best text writing strategies" to get our best training AND save some money.

Or if you are a marketer and receive an email saying "How to Create a Budget Video Studio" you will likely open it as we all know how important video is in landscape marketing today.

Number 4: urgency

There is no motivator like a deadline that applies in school AND in business. People hate missing out on something, and especially HATE missing out on a deal.

Email subject lines like … "LAST CHANCE: DigitalMarketer Lab Goes Off in 3 … 2 … 1 … or" $ 95 Today, $ 995 Tomorrow "use FOMO as a strategy to get people to actually open up, to read and take action. Well, these subject lines are not suitable for every email. In fact, you should use them fairly sparingly so you don't become the boy or girl who cried Wolf.

You will also find that the two examples I shared are a mix of dead-on and urgency.

Tip: If you want to achieve higher opening rates, you have to mix and match these subject line types.

Number 5: history / relevance

The most interesting part of the story is … well … the middle. With these subject lines you try to put your reader in the middle of a conversation.

"The little Facebook tweak that halved the cost of lead"


"Here's the REAL reason Amazon buys whole foods."

Do you see what i did there

These types of subject lines are best for promoting content or starting an ad series.

If you start with a story, especially a contemporary one, you have the opportunity to answer one of the most important questions you have to answer: "Why should I care … now ?!"

These email subject lines usually open a serious loop with your reader, but you MUST DELIVER the goods in the email text to ensure that they perform the intended action.

To sum it up again:

  1. Dead-on offer
  2. Curiosity / blind
  3. Self-interest "What's in it for me?"
  4. urgency
  5. History / relevance

If you want to dive deeper, read 101 examples of our most powerful subject lines on the DM blog.

And visit our YouTube channel every week For more Marketing Mastery tips with me, Justin Rondeau.

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