5 Kinds of Advertisements EVERY Marketer Must be Utilizing on Fb

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There are a lot of options when it comes to creating ads for Facebook. But in our brand new YouTube series Marketing Mastery with Justin Rondeau (Yes, that's me), I'm talking about the 5 types of ads you should try first!

And we KNOW they work because we used them
been successful for a while. 😉

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Learn more about the 5 types of ads every marketer should use on Facebook.

Facebook ad type 1: top of funnel video ads

As marketers, we know the video is right
And that's no different in the Facebook advertising game.

We have had a lot of success using video
Increase traffic to our content at an incredibly low cost per click (I speak
like 10 cents or less).

Video ads are also SUPER versatile in every phase.
You can set different CTAs regardless of whether they like to a landing page
We do this for top funnel content OR set video watch events to start a top funnel
Drip video series that they keep on Facebook!

In any case, this strategy is all about the audience
Building. Whether you're trying to build a solid retargeting audience that is based on
Site visits or build a dedicated audience that will come at some point
your site.

Facebook ad type 2: News feed ads that lead to content

Facebook ad type 2: News feed ads that lead to content

This works very similar to the TOFU video ads.
The goal of this type of advertising is to prevent people from finding their way and getting them
to your content.

Now this content no longer needs to be tagged, This is important. The goal here is to achieve a low CPC
Your audience and offer value first. When you do a good job
These ads should be highly relevant to the ad and the services to be performed.

In general, we've seen animated gifs outperform
static images, but we're testing a variety of image types and styles to keep things going

Static, animated, or video ads above in
Funnels with push-to-content are the best way to keep and expand CPCs
Your audience and prepare for the next type of ad that moves your audience
Audience through a further step of the customer value journey.

Facebook ad type 3: News feed ad drives to lead

Facebook ad type 3: Newsfeed ad drives to the main magnet

All right, you successfully made people aware of it
Your brand and some of your offers … well, maybe …

Whenever we send a visitor to traffic, we ALWAYS
Make sure you have a relevant CTA for a downloadable resource (the lead magnet).

If you are interested in blogging content, we would
Share one of our gated blogging resources.

The assumption is that when you visit that
We know your interest AND we know that you might have seen our offer.

If you don't … do it … then continue
Run these ads.

Use any creative medium at this time
works for you – static image, GIF, video, whatever … while providing a free one
I would try to keep the time and money investments as low as possible
with pictures.

If you've shown funnel ads for at the top
Content, then you should have a fairly decent audience to realign. These target groups
is more powerful than simply switching cold lead magnet ads

(One thing about the persecution: Looking at the success of the retargeting ads and comparing them
To cool potential customer ads, you need to consider the initial spend
clicks from the content. Even if it costs as much as a cold, you are
still take advantage of an expanded audience and increased traffic
your side, which is always good.)

Facebook ad type 4: carousel ads

Facebook ad type 4: carousel ads

I would normally say that these are "carousel ads"
ideal for e-commerce brands "and keep going. However, I've really seen some
Interesting applications for carousel displays with the function for stopping the thumb
Get high customer loyalty, high CPCs and increase the quality of your leads and sales.

As with all Facebook ads, success is one
The carousel ad is all about targeting, the offer and the creative. carousel
Ads are a great pattern break.

At DM we used this for one of our highest tickets
Products, our certified partner program. We have a target group of agencies and
Consultants who visited our partner site and FILLED them with a carousel ad
with testimonials from customers who have had great success with this program

In the end we had a static picture with our logo
and a specific CTA to learn more about the program.

We saved these clips for between 15 and 30 seconds
kept them focused on concrete results that this customer avatar wanted

Sure, carousel advertising is a great way to showcase yourself
multiple products, but they can tell stories even better … and the best
Win stories.

Facebook ad type 5: Hyper-Targeted Retargeting

Facebook ad type 5: hyper-targeting retargeting ads

Do you have a topic in our favorite types of
Ads and how we use them? We focus on our audience and not just on
the ads you should see now, but what you’ll see next.

You should do a retargeting at every phase of
the funnel
and with similar copies, hooks, images, videos, or whatever
You may have seen that you did not accept your first offer.

The creative must feel familiar, but must be
They are so different that they know they have to take action that they don't have
done before.

Our strategy really breaks down into the audience
Expansion with content and realignment of our audience through every step of the
Customer value journey.

Try these 5 types of Facebook ads. If you'd like more examples, statistics, and ad types, sign up for a free DM Insider account and grab one Download Facebook Ad Template Library,

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