5 Ideas for Offering Efficient Suggestions for eLearning Applications

5 Tips for Providing Effective Feedback for eLearning Programs

If you want your employees to have successful e-learning
Experience, feedback is a must. Feedback cannot only help
make sure they're on the right track, but it can also be a critical source
motivation, which increases the likelihood that they will not be discouraged by anyone
Challenges they face.

However, not all feedback approaches are as effective as
Promote success like others. If you want your employees to perform excellently, here are five
Tips for useful feedback on eLearning programs.

1. Give both positive and constructive feedback

Since the feedback is provided by the eLearning system itself,
You have to make sure that it is both positive and constructive
Feedback. The combination of praise and error correction does not distort the feedback
overly positive or negative, creating a more balanced approach that can ensure this
Mistakes are reviewed and remedied while encouragement and appreciation are offered
for what goes right.

2. Don't just focus on extrinsic motivators

The Gamification movement led to increased use of points, leaderboards and badges in eLearning programs. While these can have their place in the training system, it can do more harm than good if you rely too much on them.

Tangible rewards can undermine the essentials
Motivation over time. The learner may find it less enjoyable to learn from
interesting topic as they start to focus more on collecting the different ones

3. Make the feedback meaningful

If your eLearning program only uses general terms such as "great work" or "this is wrong", your learners will not pay much attention to this information after a short time. To overcome this The feedback must be more meaningful,

One approach is to adjust the feedback based on the nuances
the performance of the employee and as a reference instead of one
Overview of their performance. This makes the information more valuable
Increase the likelihood that the learner will read it.

4. Think about whether you want to skip the scores

Most eLearning programs end up giving the learner a score
each module or section. However, if you include this number, it may be the case
Reduce the likelihood that they will actually read additional feedback.

If an employee is satisfied with their score, they may think
Reading the feedback is unnecessary as it is already at an appropriate level
of understanding. Learners who get very low scores can skip the feedback
because they are worried that it will be too negative or that they already feel defeated.

Focus on specific written messages rather than scores. This
encourages the employee to read the feedback to learn more about him
Performance instead of just blinking a number without which they can judge
additional entrance.

5. Correct your feedback

As a rule, the feedback is either delivered immediately or sent immediately
delayed. Immediate feedback is given if the tour takes place immediately after a
A decision is made or a measure is taken. Delayed feedback is only shown if
The learner is deeper in the course.

The best approach depends on the type of information
be covered. If the issues are complex or a new skill is being developed,
Real-time feedback can help keep them on the right track and fix problems
early. In contrast, when they are working on applying knowledge by delaying it
Feedback can encourage self-correction and encourage them to take control
about their personal study trip.

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