5 Graphic Design Suggestions To Design Higher Customized Award Trophies | Sources

5 Graphic Design Tips To Design Better Custom Award Trophies | Resources

Trophies have been around for thousands of years. Ironically, they are the first properties to be proud of their accomplishments. Unfortunately, they are also among the first to be discarded when moving to another location or trying to make life easier.

If you, as an employer, want to recognize your employees in a way that they will appreciate for years to come, you need to create an individual award that is both elegant and stylish. If you're not a designer, the five graphic design tips below can help you create a unique trophy that can inspire its recipients for decades to come.

1. Design starts with high quality materials

No matter how carefully you design, it is the material that attracts the most attention. There are some materials that automatically exude prestige. When choosing a trophy design, you should use materials such as crystal, platinum, gold, silver or glass. This creates beautiful awards that reflect the pride and luxury you want to give your employee.

You also want to exercise the same care when choosing the base for your trophy. Think of the rich quality of more elegant woods like mahogany, ebony or oak instead of attaching them to a simple piece of wood.

2. Create a unique shape

Trophies can be offered in a variety of shapes and sizes. So don't just be satisfied with the traditional golden cup as a design. Create a unique shape that is tailored to your needs. When designing, think about the purpose of the award, the occasion and the personality of the recipient. The winner will feel more attracted to something designed specifically for them than choosing one of the more classic designs.

The uniqueness does not have to be restricted by the shape. You can also think about choosing a unique color. If you plan to distribute many similar trophies, consider setting a standard shape for each but a different color. Whatever you choose, you want the award to be unique to that person so that they stand out from the others.

3. Make the typography distinctive

When it comes to engraving, typography is a key element that can give you a distinctive style. Your engraver should be able to guide you through a series of elements, including different fonts, line heights, tracking, and kerning, until you find a style that is clear, readable, and stylish.

Your goal is to create the perfect combination that creates positive emotions in your recipient. This assumes that they are able not only to read the inscription, but also to be inspired by it.

4. Make sure the size is correct

Custom trophies also take into account how they are presented. If you want to present it at a major event, your trophy must be large enough for the audience to appreciate it. A too small one is not clearly recognizable and loses a lot of effect.

Likewise, an award that is only given to a few people can be a simple desk ornament or a small piece of jewelry. The bottom line is that the trophy size must not only fit the recipient, but also the occasion. Choose a design that is large enough so that everyone can see it, but not so large that the recipient has trouble taking it home.

5. Add your brand image

The award must also reflect your company's image. This can be done by adding your company's logo or company name, or you can simply customize a color that can be easily associated with your company. This branding can be done in several ways and can be as large or as small as you want.

When customizing your award, remember that you don't just have to put a logo in the corner. You can use a variety of designs and phrases to get exactly the image you want. Just make sure the design is unique and unique.

Creativity is at the heart of a bespoke trophy. You can turn a very simple idea into something amazing that your employees will be talking about for years. Remember to think outside the box and set no limits to your imagination. If you do so, you will receive a trophy that everyone present will be proud of.