40 Memes that Entrepreneurs Will Love

40 Memes that Marketers Will Love

Memes should be an integral part of any content marketing strategy.

We said it there.

But it is true. Memes provide great top-of-the-funnel content. They are simple, funny, assignable and control traffic. They may not seem as tactical as a blog post or as chic as a video, but great marketers can and should use memes in their marketing.

Do you need help getting started? We have some that you can use for brainstorming or that you can watch if you just need a good laugh.

Here are 40 memes for marketers from us and other websites that will surely brighten your day.

Don't we all need some help?This meme has never been truerThey both sound so good …Content marketers know the fightThese are your sales people every day
(Source: Marketing Carpenter) If you teach a man how to fish …The oldest marketing strategy in the book
(Source: Marketing Carpenter)Influencers are cool … but at what price?DM insiders check their inbox every Monday morningCome on … this is just goodThis is how you want your customers to feelSubscriptions are a marketer's love language
(Source: technology therapy)Lionel Richie knows what every marketer wants
(Source: Kuno Creative)As a content marketer, I feel personally attacked
(Source: Business2Community)Have you tried to make the button a nice color?
(Source: Marketing Carpenter)This is how your SEO specialist feels every 3 months
(Source: Fiore Communication)Don't do it alone, peopleThe first lesson that every SEO manager learns
(Source: Hubspot)Take it from Pooh, you don't have to be an expert on everythingMarketers don't discriminate
(Source: Joey Devilla)Smile through the pain …
(Source: Spiralytics)It's the little victories
(Source: Business2Community)If it just could be that easy …
(Source: Business2Community)The worst feeling in the world
(Source: Marketing Carpenter)You will also say that a wrong phone is a lucky charm
(Source: Hubspot)We have all considered using the ax in the door sales strategy
(Source: Marketing Carpenter)This is the most terrible meme I've ever seen
(Source: Business2Community)We feel that way tooRetargeting summarized in one meme
(Source: Zato)You can complete step 1 after viewing these memes#relatable
(Source: ICND)"Yes, I have to spend $ 20 on advertising."
(Source: ICND)The best way to get more views? Check it out for yourself.
(Source: Hubspot)If you don't succeed at first, just rephrase it slightly
(Source: Hubspot)Sponsored content is not for the faint of heart
(Source: Spiralytics) How your content editors feel every day
(Source: Fiore Communications)"Yes, and there are already up to 5 likes …"
(Source: Pintrest)If you don't, you need to meow directly
(Source: Web Rocket Media)UNLIMITED POWER (for all Star Wars fans out there)Another shameless self-plug … you know that you liked the memesGet free access to DigitalMarketer's training library

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