12 Concepts to Market Your Vogue Model

12 Ideas to Market Your Fashion Brand

Fashion never goes out of fashion!

At least that's what they say. Everyone needs fashion, albeit in different shapes and patterns. This universal applicability is a great stepping stone and a great danger for anyone trying to market a fashion brand. Every brand, whether fashion or otherwise, needs a strong online presence and a sophisticated strategy for digital marketing in today's world. So here are 12 ideas that you can use to market your fashion brand, whether young or old.

Consumer decisions are made within fractions of a second, one stroke is enough. And that's why fashion marketing needs more robust online marketing strategies.

Whether you have a recently launched or an established fashion brand with a good presence, this article can serve as a definitive guide.

1. The website is your virtual shop

Glassy shop windows, shiny mannequins, cheerful music and the tempting smell of brand new fabrics – all of this could be missing on your website.

So increase the style quotient on your website. The appearance of your website is the first impression you can get. So do it for the best.

My example of a clean and elegant website.

A smoothly functioning website with an attractive design, bright and neat appearance could be a deal sealer for most buyers. So invest a lot of effort and costs in the design of your website so that it is always up to date and secure. For one-page websites, make sure that your bestsellers and newcomers are at the top of the page at regular intervals with a prominent call to action. Make navigation fun and promising on multi-page websites. The longer the customer stays on your side, the better your impression will be.

2. Know your audience

Every consumer has a unique taste, which is influenced by numerous factors such as time, location, age, gender, personality, economic status and much more. The sense of style in every population group has evolved. Let these factors help shape your target audience. Once your audience is defined, creating advertising campaigns and related content is a breeze. Brands that have a special line-up for different demographic characteristics of customers must have tailor-made and assignable content for each brand. Creating customer characters that are consistent with normal shopping habits so that more targeted content can be created and better sales can be achieved.

3. Fashion blogging

Whether you've linked a brand blog post to your website or a number of fashion bloggers who talk about products.

I insist that you are somewhat counterintuitive here and get your fashion blogger not just to talk about fashion and trends here. Rather, efforts must be made to achieve social issues that the target group hears and often sees. A fashion brand for mothers, where fashion bloggers proactively talk about the challenges of early motherhood. The heartwarming stories of single mothers are likely to go further in terms of the market. While social issues unite people and give them a voice, lifestyle tips and health care are also the best points about this offer. In short, don't limit yourself to fashion, go social, go global and still keep your personal touch. Blogs are often not seen as important lead generators, but are very valuable for customer retention and customer recalls.

Fashion blogs often score a brownie point for improving organic traffic. So take advantage of this.

4. Style guides

Follow the Zen styling!

Most consumers have concerns about certain styles, materials, and fits. While physical business can counteract such doubts, how can shopping portals where everything is only online alleviate such doubts among their consumers? Definitive and personalized style guides can arouse consumer interest here.

By educating customers about the product you offer, not only will the sale be completed, but consumer interest in the brand will also be maintained for longer.

5. Personalized emails

A personal touch is everything!

Initial consumer interest disappears quickly if insufficient attention is paid to follow-up. Statistics show that around 49% of consumers leave their purchases in their shopping carts. We can also monitor sales from such consumers with personalized reminder emails about their shopping carts. Regular emails about new collections, sales and special personalized offers also work well. This email marketing strategy combined with reminder emails about your shopping carts is a proven formula.

6. Visual media

Show! Don't tell it

Fashion relies heavily on visual media and it is imperative to use all social media channels that work with pictures and videos. Simply put: Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and the latest sensation TikTok – all of these social media channels are a great way to increase brand reach, talk about your products, create leads and make sales. Confuse the market with trendy new styles, ride in hashtag fever and turn your brand into a rock star overnight. I'm not exaggerating here. That is the overwhelming power of the internet.

7. Instagram and YouTube influencers

Affect brand perception!

If paid promotions on Instagram are too expensive, another smart marketing option is to get Instagram and YouTube influencers to talk about your brand and products. These influencers have a ready base of loyal followers and can easily give your content a wide reach. Sponsoring emerging influencers works like a win-win situation for both sides. We can also throw #TryMeOut, which challenges well-known influencers and increases brand visibility. TikTok sensations and challenges are also a trendy new way to promote a brand.

8. Sponsorship of unboxing videos

Some small obstacles go far

Consumers love to get an idea of ​​a brand's products, especially a credible person on the Internet. Unboxing videos are an interesting way to get your brand out there. Especially for brands that are successful in the online market, sponsoring unboxing videos is a sure way to get attention for your products.

9. Convincing storytelling and reviews

The renaissance of sustainable fashion

Buying fashion online isn't a life-changing experience, but interesting stories that your consumers may have about your products, or just their reviews, can add extra mileage to your brand. If your brand is linked to a social or environmental concern, or if your company focuses on sustainable procurement, creating stories that focus on such issues has a lasting impact on the psyche of consumers.

10. Events in physical business

All you need is some enthusiasm!

No matter how extensive a brand's campaigns are, never neglect the importance of a physical business. Even better advertising can be done if we organize physical store events after generating enough hype about them online. In physical stores, the connection to the target group is established more organically than in a complete online shop. Creating Instagram and Facebook stories and asking visitors to post their experiences would increase local response to the event and brand.

11. Virtual trial versions

That fits to me! This does not work for me!

When your fashion brand creates styles or accessories, give your consumers a visual test so they can play around. This is a successful marketing strategy because consumers can quickly decide whether they know what the style or accessories look like on them. Lenskart is one such brand that became more popular because consumers could try out millions of glasses from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual test versions can also be helpful when creating style guides at a later date.

12. Seasonal offers and offers that expire

"Fear Of Missing Out" plays a major role in the current consumer psyche. Give all your deals a deadline and use the FOMO factor. Let people know that such a great deal may not be offered every day. This drives decision-making and promotes sales. Another important task is to reach the maximum of the target group within a limited time. Suspend seasonal offers with unique hashtags to reach the brand's established followers and new consumers.

#Bonus idea

Recently, memes have become "in-thing", so be sure to try it out! A good meme that goes viral can reach unimaginable brand reach. Do I have to say more?

Some quirky, other unconventional, but above all high quality and consistent work on content production is the trick for most fashion brands looking to conquer the market. An idea of ​​all of these may or may not work in a standalone perspective. But in any case, a combination of them would drive better traffic to your websites and ultimately generate better sales. However, one thing is certain: fashion marketing is not a day-to-day business, and in general it takes a few months for marketing efforts to take shape and achieve ROI. For anyone interested in fashion marketing, the learning curve is as enjoyable and exciting as a roller coaster ride. Because fashion marketing is an increasingly dynamic field in which a new trend is emerging every day. To be at the top, create your own trends!

Fashion that is like a wave in an ocean that rises and falls in its own timing requires that the marketer thinks ahead and plans. For me, fashion marketing takes passion, vigor, and a little nerve to take this risk that you know others wouldn't do.