10 AI-Based mostly Digital Advertising and marketing Instruments and Methods to Use Them

10 AI-Based Digital Marketing Tools and How to Use Them

Artificial intelligence has almost touched industry in one way or another today. Digital marketing is not a stranger either, as many AI-driven, AI-centric, or AI-first tools have popped up from vendors large and small. In fact, AI seems to support most of the digital marketing tools that we consider must-haves today, even if we don't immediately know how to do it.

It can be very overwhelming to choose from a multitude of tools, each knee deep in new-era technologies and accelerating. This list of the top 10 AI-based digital marketing tools is a great place to start (or even finish) your research in this field.

1. Pave AI

This digital marketing tool from Pave AI converts data from Google Analytics into insights to form the basis of marketing plans. The algorithm contains and analyzes data from several channels, including Google Ads, Facebook Advertising and Twitter Advertising, to make it easier to understand the opportunities and weaknesses of a marketing campaign. Their algorithms search petabytes of data to derive actionable insights. It also provides suggestions on how to reallocate budgets more effectively and promote the right service or product based on search trends. It only takes 30 seconds to generate a report once you've connected your Google Analytics account.

2. Alli AI

With Alli AI, companies can optimize their websites for SEO with just one line of code. The snippet takes care of finding and indexing hyperlinks, optimizing code and content, and predicting and monitoring site traffic. An outstanding advantage is that Alli AI adapts to changes in the Google algorithm without the need for manual intervention. The implementation is quite simple. You need to add the code snippet to your website, review and accept the recommendations, and approve the changes to get them online in minutes.

3. Albert

Albert enables the management and design of self-optimizing campaigns and is the only AI tool in the world that achieves this. It offers media buying, cross-channel execution, analysis and budget allocation. Albert helps digital marketers by advising on how, when and where to get in touch with customers and how long-term goals can be achieved through regularly updated campaigns. By acting autonomously on the knowledge gained, Albert gives the digital marketers time for overarching strategies and long-term planning. It also allocates marketing budgets effectively so that maximum engagement is achieved with the minimum expenditure.

4. Insured

With Concured's AI-powered brand marketing tool, companies can gain a clear edge over their competitors with actionable insights. Companies are able to identify current trends and analyze user behavior in relation to content on a large scale. The tool identifies what is bothering them most by assessing the material they have been consuming and knowing why it is successful in creating a long-term draft of content. These insights are then used to inform future content strategies that are more likely to resonate with the target audience than those that are not led by Concured.

5. Crayon

To get a complete picture of and replace competitive strategies, Crayon records more than 100 data forms from hundreds of millions of sources. To filter out the noise and display insights into organized and actionable formats, both human and artificial intelligence are combined. This enables companies to deliver insights to their sales and marketing teams that have been scientifically extracted from a previously unstructured extract. These in turn drive business decisions. For its use of AI, automation and information distribution, Crayon was named a “Leader” in a Forrester New Wave report on outstanding M&CI solutions.

6. HubSpot

The Hubspot content marketing platform makes it easy to identify and classify topics that suit both your and your customers' needs in the middle. Companies can receive topic suggestions that come from AI algorithms and are based on importance, competitiveness and visibility. Using the monthly search data available to the tool, digital marketers can find out how choice of content production on specific topics affects the increase or decrease in organic traffic. The insights gained from this can influence multiple marketing collateral, including social media, SEO, email contacting, landing pages, as well as lead management and automation.


This AI-based, data-centric platform enables valuable insights into sales by collecting and analyzing data from all customer-centric teams in the company. Their operations and contact capture mechanisms record all corporate communications, reducing data loss and making go-to-market initiatives much more efficient. The tool works across sales management, operations and leadership – it helps to anticipate risks, gain general transparency and close more deals in less time without burdening human intelligence.

8. Persado

Persado helps companies connect with their target audience like never before by leveraging a powerful database of words. Their message machine contains over 1 million phrases and words that enable companies to improve brand image and engagement across all marketing platforms through words alone when used as the basis for insights. The tool creates the best possible combination of words to compose your most important messages, so each campaign is fully optimized for the best possible performance. It takes creative copywriting to another level – data driven and 100% accurate. In addition, they offer a plug-and-play architecture that allows you to easily gain insights without spending valuable time on installation, training, and calibration.

9. Zeta

Zeta supports business outcomes by providing interest data and intent signals that fit seamlessly with a company's existing first-hand data. They have a cookie-free Identity Graph plugin that collects real-time intent scoring and buys signals from users to create a single omnichannel view. The Data Cloud feature then enables segmentation and targeting of users and helps the company find similar customers in order to activate a larger audience.

10. Invoca

With Invoca, companies can adjust their marketing strategies in real time in order to maintain an overview and reduce acquisition costs. Its standout feature is AI-powered call tracking, which extracts actionable insights from incoming calls and analyzes the conversation results to enable better actions on all marketing platforms. In addition, they can efficiently customize the phone call experience, which can result in up to 10 times better conversion rates depending on the use case. You achieve all of this while being HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2 Type 2, and PCI compliant.


While AI-powered tools can perform multiple tasks on their own, it still makes sense to combine them with human intelligence to create an optimal digital marketing system that increases sales, conversions, leads and revenue.

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