​How this digital advertising platform helps Covid-hit companies thrive

​How this digital marketing platform is helping Covid-hit businesses thrive

With businesses shutdown by Covid and the reduction in pedestrian traffic, many, especially those in the hospitality industry, stalled as they grappled with the challenges of switching to digital marketing to support online efforts.

Borough Markets was born out of this need. Founder Grant Baker wanted to develop a turnkey marketing solution that would enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to compete online with larger discerning retailers. The startup from Adelaide has now created a solution that consolidates data, personalizes customers and helps to find and supply new customers. It debuted in late 2020, itis an outfit with Covid in its DNA and the Acoustic Martech platform in its basics.

Local South Australian wineries like Kay Brothers and Torbreck Winery, for example, had to find new innovative ways to get to the markets, Baker said.

“The basement doors used to drive pedestrian traffic, and Covid was really about generating that direct traffic to the consumer,” Baker told CMO. In contrast, Sydney tourism businesses such as restaurants, home delivery services, and other procedures have had to set up.

“Now that the bans have been lifted, many traditional companies are looking for new markets and with new customers“We want to build and maintain a very loyal relationship with their customers,” said Baker.

When talking to small businesses, Borough Markets doesn’t focus so much on technology and data, but on results.

“We’re not talking about running nine different algorithms or having direct integrations with SSPs and DSPs,” said Baker. “There are really four things. First, we take a customer’s data and consolidate it because this is the biggest challenge for small businesses because the data is so fragmented. Then we run the segments to talk to their customers. The net result event is an increase in sales.

“Because we know who your customers are based on your first-party data, we can go through programmatic and paid social media and find 1,000 new customers.”

Borough’s third suggestion is to set up remarketing on a customer’s websites, with cross-platform conversion tracking aiming to build a user journey using the existing platform.

But the most important thing, Baker claims, is to understand that most small and medium-sized businesses are made up of a single person who is CEO, CFO, HR director, and operations manager and who is short on time. “So we have a fully managed solution where we do all the work and heavy lifting,” he said.

Borough Markets built its platform from components of the Acoustic Enterprise Marketing Technology Platform. This allows the company to sell the sizzle to the company and hand the rest off on their own.

“It’s not about the technology, it’s about the results,” said Baker.

Overcome hurdles in digital marketing

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According to Baker, the biggest challenge is convincing smaller businesses to broaden their digital marketing horizons.

“The world at their disposal was Facebook Business, SEO, SEM and AdWords. It explains that they can get into programmatic advertising, they can use hyper-personalization and dynamic content. It was all completely alien to them, ”he said.

Delivering affordable creatives to small businesses is another essential element of this platform approach.

“For example, when we start a winery, we create complete trips straight away, from the cellar door to the mailing list, from the first purchase to the wine club subscription and a monthly campaign,” explains Baker. “There can be 70 or 80 touchpoints. Outsourcing this to a creative agency in the traditional sense would be unaffordable for most of the smaller companies. ”

Baker is passionate about the opportunities the Borough platform can bring to all types of businesses by facilitating in-store transactions, online transactions, data analytics, web traffic, programmatic and digital campaigns using first-party data, a database that aggregates, scores and weights with a headless CMS.

“Since Acoustic is agnostic, we were able to find the best of its kind in all sections and then import them all together. Itis pretty unique, ”added Baker.

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